Dropshipping Service

Discover the benefits of dropshipping the best designer clothing brands without warehouse and logistics costs.

Connect the catalog with your website
Simply upload our catalog into your ecommerce through our basic integration. You will also soon be able to connect through Shopify, Prestashop and Woocommerce modules integration.
Your store sends the order to Youaretrendy
As soon as your customer makes a purchase, your e-commerce automatically sends the order to Youaretrendy.
Customers buy from your e-commerce
Customers place orders directly on your e-commerce.
Youaretrendy prepares and ships the parcel
Youaretrendy ships to your customer in 24/48H.

How much can I earn from
Youaretrendy b2b dropshipping?

With Youaretrendy you can easily sell thousands of garments and shoes of the best brands at highly competitive prices, buying them online in bulk with no storage costs. Here below you may find some examples of how much you can earn per product:

Calvin Klein
Tag price249,00 €
Your sale price174,30 €
Your buying price99,60 €
74,70 € / Profit (VAT Included)
Under armour
Tag price60,00 €
Your sale price51,00 €
Your buying price25,00 €
26,00 € / Profit (VAT Included)
Michael Kors
Tag price450.00 €
Your sale price292,50 €
Your buying price180,00 €
112,50 € / Profit (VAT Included)